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Live File Backup for Windows is the user-friendly real-time backup program for your home computer, your business PC and your laptop on the road! The continuous and automatic backup software for Windows is creating automatically file copies (generations/versions) when saving in the background. The backup files and its corresponding copies can automatically be saved to different storage media (locally and in the network). Live File Backup offers an easy and fast restoration of your last data as well as of older versions of your files. Live File Backup is the automatic backup software for continuous data protection between regular system backups.

For brief and helpful instructions on the features of backup program please watch our video tutorials:

1. Basic Features Of Live File Backup
2. How To Backup To An External Drive 
3. Automated Data Backup To Multiple Drives



We answer the frequently asked questions about Live File Backup in English at:



Information on the latest software updates and improvements  is given in the change log. Do you  have any further questions about Live File Backup? We provide free support by email in the languages English and German.  Please contact us at in case of any possible questions and we will be pleased to answer them within 48 hours. The software company INFONAUTICS GmbH is based in Switzerland. Please consider any possible time differences.


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Please do also contact us at for any suggestions regarding future updates or in case you have encountered any problems with the software. Whether you want to send us your praise, comments or even criticism, your opinion is important to us and we look forward to hearing from you.



Test now free of charge the backup software. The free trial version is available in the languages English, German and French.

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