Typical Applications of Live File Backup

Data Backup To Various Types Of Storage Media


The backup software Live File Backup allows to back up your files to different  storage media. The data backup is possible to internal or external hard disks, to USB memory sticks, to network drives, to a network with NAS (Network Attached Storage) as well as via FTP to the Internet or Intranet.



Typical applications of the backup software Live File Backup are:

Single-User Workstation With Attached External Hard-Disk

Data backup with Live File Backup to an external hard-disk attached directly to the PC. This solution is very fast installed and provides a good and individual protection of the current work (see video tutorial).

Data Backup to External Hard Disk
Backup with NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Client PC In A Network With NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Data backup with Live File Backup to a network attached hard-disk (Windows network or by FTP). NAS (Network Attached Storage) offers sufficient space for the live backup of several clients. Each client has his own backup directory on the NAS device.

Client PC In A Network With A File Server

Data backup with Live File Backup to a server in the network (Windows network or by FTP). For each client PC with Live File Backup installed an own backup directory will be set up on the (file) server.

Backup with a File Server
Backup to USB Memory Stick

Laptop With USB Memory Stick

Data backup with Live File Backup to an USB memory stick plugged into the laptop. This solution provides a good protection of your current work even on the road.

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