Customer Testimonials of Live File Backup

What Our Customers Say About Live File Backup For Continuous Data Protection

“We had just installed a RAID system and I assumed that any data loss would not be possible anymore. But I didn’t count on a fault of the controller hardware! The RAID system control device didn’t work properly. When we finally noticed the problem, a full week of work was lost. From now on we play it safe. In addition to our RAID system and the weekly backups we use the program Live File Backup. With this solution our data is also continuously saved during the day between the regular backups.” 

Kurt Moser

CEO, Contourismo

“Every night our data is saved by an automatic system backup. But since several people work on one and the same document/project daily, the regular nightly backup is not sufficient, as even a loss of a few hours would be a small catastrophe already. With Live File Backup we have this problem solved. While we are working our work files are automatically backed up in the background without we having to interrupt our work. Additionally, these files are stored in generations and therefore simply retrievable in pre-versions.” 

Katharina Müllener

Leadership Coaching in Quality Management, KATHARINA MÜLLENER

“Live File Backup software is perfect for my home PC. Within a few minutes the backup software was set up and whenever I start my PC my working files will automatically be backed up in the background. Since I do a system backup every 3 or 4 weeks only, my data is still regularly saved with Live File Backup. Never before data backup at home was so easy and so regular” 

Stefan Balaban

Private Person

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