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Real-Time Backup Software For Continuous Data Protection.


Live File Backup is the user-friendly real-time backup software for your business PC, your home computer as well as for your laptop on the road.

The controlling and adjustment of the Windows backup software is mainly done in one single window “Settings”. The logical arrangement/sequence of tabs enables an easy and intuitive handling. The following screenshots (click for larger view) show how easily the file backup can be adjusted to your individual demands.  

Start screen informing about icons in task bar

Information Window

The start screen of Live File Backup informs about the meaning and the state of the program icons in the task bar. 

General Settings

Define the time interval of your requested backups as well as the number of backup copies (generations) of each file and how long they should be kept.

General settings define the general behaviour of the program.
Define the data to be backed up automatically.

Simple Setting Of Data Backup

Choose under „Source Directories“ the directories und folders to be automatically  backed up. The filter options allow to include or exclude certain files.

Flexible Choice Of Storage Media

The real-time backup software offers the possibility to automatically back up the data to local or external drives, to USB memory sticks, to network drives (also universal naming convention paths UNC), to network attached storage (NAS), as well as via FTP to Internet or Intranet.

Live File Backup enables to select several backup directories and to back up the data to different backup locations at the same time.

Target directory determines storage location of backup files.
Recovery enables restoration of requested files and older versions/generations.

Simple Data Recovery

With the real-time backup software Live File Backup the data can be restored quickly and easily by yourself without having to call upon the system administrator for data recovery. The restoration of data is possible to the original location or any other location requested.  The compressed storage format (ZIP) and the file structure, created equal to the original structure, allow an easy data recovery with the Windows®-Explorer only, the backup program itself is not even needed.

Cleanup of Backup Directory

Would you like to cleanup an existing backup directory? Define the temporal rhythm and the maximum size  from when you want the backup file to be automatically deleted.

Clean up enables to clear the backup directory manually.
Log file manages the log list of all backed up files.

What Data Has Been Backed Up When?

The logbook of Live File Backup informs about what data has been backed up at what time. Define individually how long the log file should be kept. If required, the log file can directly be deleted.

Possible Time Schedule Of Data Backup

If the automatic backup should only take place at certain times, you can define the requested time schedule.

Time schedule for a limited execution of data backup.

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