Change Log of Live File Backup

Recent Improvements / Modifications


For an easy update of Live File Backup use the integrated update feature.

Improvements in the current version:

  • For an FTP connection, any other ports can be used besides the default port 21.
  • During backup, symbolic links of directories (SymLinks) are not followed anymore because this could lead to endless loops.


Improvements in older versions (most recent on top):

  • Massive acceleration when scanning the directory structure, especially with the first file scan after program start.
  • Information in the log and monitor of Live File Backup if a file could not be backed up due to path names that are too long (see ‘Limitations’ on the ‘Features’ page).
  • New option in manual cleanup: “Always keep at least the most recent backup of a file”.
  • New entry in main menu: “Show log”.
  • Extension of the entire program for UNICODE support (Asian and special characters for file and directory names, for the Windows file system and FTP connections).
  • Local sync directories of DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive can be specified as backup targets.
  • DPI-Awareness: The windows of the program are now scaled correctly when the desktop elements are enlarged.
  • Command Line Interface to control Live File Backup in a batch script to set the backup state to active or inactive and to start the backup cycle immediately.
  • Setting to automatically repeat “Full Backup” every x hours.  (Settings: General)
  • Progress calculation with estimation of the remaining backup time, display it in Monitor window.  (Settings: System)
  • Setting a waiting time after the program start (start delay).  (Settings: System)
  • Option for ‘Max. number of days’ increased to 9999.
  • ZIP compression for files greater 4GB improved.
  • Integrated update procedure improved.
  • Assistant for file recovery revised/improved.
  • Each of the data sources can be backed up to several backup destinations at the same time.
  • Work mode: Standard (file changes are detected only during the runtime of the program).
  • Work mode: Extended (file changes are also detected if the program is running intermittently).
  • The program state can be found in the Windows Registry: active, inactive, paused.
  • More detailed information in the log file.
  • Improved collaboration with FTP servers when creating the directory structure.
  • Improved monitor, show active path during backup (optional), keep window position.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.
  • French version.
  • Improved assistant to recover whole directory structures and handling of file generations.
  • Maximum securable file size increased to 99 GigaByte.
  • Fixed: Drive name in target directory was misspelled.
  • Exclude directories and files from backup if containing specific strings.
  • Return to previous backup status after execution of “Start Backup now”.
  • Improvements of handling files open by other programs.
  • Menu item to immediately start the backup manually.
  • Option to search continuously and permanently for an unavailable backup directory.
  • Backup cycle ‘0 minutes’ for a permanent ongoing backup.
  • Time Schedule for a limited execution of data backup.
  • AES-Encryption, 128-bit and 256-bit.
  • Feature “Full Backup” to backup once every file at the next backup run, not only changed files.
  • Setting to prevent the automatic deletion of the latest backup of the files, even if it’s retention period has exceeded.
  • Setting to turn off transparency of information windows (in case of problems with older operating systems).
  • Improvements of the automatic update procedure.
  • Improvements of handling files with attributes “hidden” and “system”.


Suggestions For Future Updates

Do you have any suggestions for future updates of Live File Backup? Please contact us at and inform us about your wishes and requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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